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Pianist, Composer, Mountaineer

On June 18, the premiere of Harlequin's Tales by composer and pianist Daniel Grupa took place on streaming platforms. Utracone, Touch and Fears are songs inspired by the figure of the Fool and anonymous parables from the island of Irlado:

And when Harlequin gets up, does he start telling the truth or a lie...?

(fragment of the parable - author unknown)

About compositions:

"They were written in a small village, among forests and a river, far from the noisy world, written on a slightly out of tune piano."

Apart from Daniel, who recorded all the piano parts, the recordings also included Anna Szulc (viola), Paweł Pełczyński (soprano saxophone), Marcin Gromnicki (bass ukulele).

The recordings took place at RecpuBlica Studio and Jacek Miłaszewski was responsible for the mixing and mastering.

GUSŁA - production Teatr Lubuski

direction - Grzegorz Bral

music - Daniel Grupa, Maciej Rychły

scenography - Adam Łucki

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